Project management module 
The project management module is by far the largest and most complex component of Tranwise. It allows translators and project managers to handle translations in a very simple way, providing lots of time-saving features and overviews. 

When a new translator project is created, all the details are stored in the database and retrievable by all the translators informed about that project. Therefore, the project manager has to fill the project details only once, and everyone interested has access to that information. 

You can find more details about what this part does in the Overview page. 

Translators management module 
This part allows handling of all the translators registered in Tranwise. A list of translators is avalable, with all their personal details, language combinations, plus/minus point etc. The project manager can send files to any translator, receive files from them, view all the projects a translator has worked on. Furthermore, every translation or proofreading somebody did is recorded and you can see at the end of the month how much you have to pay each translator. 

Customer management module 
The customer management module offers the project managers a simple way to create, store and retrieve all the customer records. With just a click of a button you can see all the projects done for a specific client. 

Invoicing module 
Allows you to create automatically invoices for each project that you complete. The invoice is sent to the client by email and recorded in the system, where you have a list of all the generated invoice and their status. 

You may also create monthly invoices, containing all the projects completed for a customer in one month. 
Recruitment module 
Being related to the Translators management module, the recruitment module allows you to organize the way new translators are accepted in the system. Tranwise allows people to register themselves, and you can check their test translations and accept them as registered translators. 

Internal chat system 
The chat system allows project managers and translators to communicate live using an instant-messaging-like system. Also, translators working on the same project are allowed to chat with eachother. 

Personal messages system 
If a project manager or translator is offline, the personal messages system allows somebody who wants to get in touch with them to send an offline message, which will be seen by the recipient when he/she logs in the next time. This message is accompanied by an email message sent automatically to the recipient announcing that an important message is waiting in Tranwise. 

Shared to-do list 
The shared to-do list allows project managers to add to-do items for themselves or other managers. 

Message boards 
There are two message boards in the system: The general message board allows everyone registered to post a message/question, viewable by everybody else. The message boards work like a forum, where people can respond to a thread or create a new discussion thread. The message board for translators allows discussions specific to translating in a certain language.