You can make all your quotes through the system. The clients automatically get your quote and when confirmed, the only thing you have to do is convert your quote to a project with one touch of a button. 


The system is completely made for your translation projects. There are possibilities for the source files, special instructions for your translator and proofreader, trados log files, memory, reference files, calculation automatically of your prices, dtp instructions etc. 
Even when a project is in progress and you have to inform your translators, all you have to do is put in the changes in the message window and push the button. The translators working on that project are automaically informed. 


LIVE Contact 
You have live contact with your translators. You can chat with them during a project if they have questions and you can ask them things LIVE. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SENT ANY EMAIL ANYMORE TO YOUR TRANSLATORS. 
In case the translator is not online, you can leave him a message. The system is automatically sending the translator a notification and then the translator will be soon online. 

NO purchase orders anymore 
The system is having an option to give the translator a price per job, a price based on trades or a price based on the source words. The system automatically calculate the price for your translator. 
At the end of the month you can see exactly and print out what you have to pay to which translators. The translators are obligated to fill in all their personal details including bank details paypal or moneybookers. The translator can easily see his paymentsheet. 

Recruitment system 
The translator can download the software and register. They have then the opportunity to download the test translation and upload them into your system. You automatically get a notice of that when they have uploaded their test. You have in the recruitment sheet the overview of all languages and the test next to the translator. As soon as you have reviewed the test, the only thing you have to do is change the status of pending to freelancer. The translator automatically get informed with their login details and extra information. 

Availibility of your translator for your project and assignment 
When you have made a project, the translators suitable for this project will automatically show up in the window. They get a notification, can download the files and reply in the system if they can do the job or not. The only thing for you to do is click and assign your translator and click and’assign your proofreader. THERE IS NOTHING MORE TODO. 
The system is built that the translator has to confirm of the assignment of your project as well as your proofreader. The translator can communicate with the proofreader and the proofreader automatically gets informed when the translator has done the translation. 
The translator has to upload the files in the system and the proofreader can automatically download those files for translation. 

Intermediate update 
There is also a possibility to ask the translator and the proofreader for an update during the translation process. You will get informed about the status of a project. 

Message window 
There is a small message window in the system informing you when a translator or a proofreader has uploaded files or when they have replied to your job notification. 
Most important is that you do not have the stress anymore of sending the files from the translator to the proofreader and nothing is going to be sent by email and that you have one tool to control your whole project management. 

Automatically inform client 
As soon as the client has accepted the job and you have converted the quote to a job, the system is automatically informing the client the details of the project, languages and deadline. 

There is an option for the translators and proofreaders to chat with the project management at any time. The project manager also has the possibility to chat with the translators and proofreaders. 
Note: There is also a special version for your clients where the client can chat with you and you with the client. This is most wanted for intensive cooperation and large projects. 

Project maintenance 
All the files from the client, the translator, the proofreader, reference files, trados logs etc are kept in the system. At any time you can search for a client and his projects and you have access to all the files involved in that project. 

Multiple languages 
Now more easier to keep track of your translators. 
With every project you can make the target languages as much as you want. 
When the client agreed to a quote and you have informed your translators about the new project (one touch of a button), you have all the translators per language in your pr’ject window. This gives you a total overview. As soon as you have assigned the translators, you can put your project in progress and concentrate on the pending projects. 

Reopened project 
In case a client comes back and he want to have some changes to a file or he has a complaint, there is a possibility to change the status of a project on reopened. You can put in the question, remarks or complaint, select the target languages and the translators are informed immediately and can see the message. There is also a possibility to upload a file with that status. Your client gets a confirmation that his project is now reopened and is going to be reviewed by the translator and proofreader. 

The translator and proofreader can communicate with each other about this through the system and can upload a revised file and give comments. You have in one window the total overview of the feedback. 

During the project 
It happens that the client has some additional information or questions or changes when your translator and proofreader already started. This is one of the time consuming actions you have to take. With Tranwise you easily do this by putting the information in the instruction sheet, upload extra files if needed and push the button. 
The translator and proofreader are automatically informed about this. 
(Please note that you do not have to worry if a translator is not online. He or she gets a notification to go online as there is important information for them. They also see it when they are login the system again). 

Translators and Proofreaders 
The translator and the proofreader have a different and limited version. In this version they have their payment sheet where they can see all the PO´s and job numbers done for that project. In case they have questions, they easily come back to you with the job number so you can easily track it in the system. 
Depending on your needs, you can print out a total overview payment sheet at the end of the month, or at a certain date. 

You can save in the system in an excel sheet: 
– Turnover per month 
– Oustanding invoices 
– Payment translators 

Search Options 
For easily handling the system, you can search for 
– an invoice 
– pending translator 
– clients etc. 

Profit margin projects 
There is a sheet which gives you all the information regarding a profit margin of a project. It gives you the overview of the price for your client, payment translator and proofreader, So you have a total overview of the whole profit margin of your project. 

As soon as a project has been sent to the client, the system is automatically sending the invoice. When you make a quote to the client and convert your quote to a project, you have to fill in the price for this quote. There is a VAT input also possible. The system automatically calculates the total price for this job. 

Reminder system 
The system is generating a reminder after the date due invoice. The client received then by email a reminder that we have not yet received payment. 
This system is adjustable to your needs. 

Deadline of your projects 
The system is generating a blinking feature 2 hours before the deadline of a project. The translator and proofreader also have this feature. Besides that there is a possibility to have the overview of all projects in excel for the deadlines of that day. This is helping you in the overview of your projects for that day. You can also save any day the deadlines for a project. 

Message board all 
The system has a messageboard. Everybody can place a message on that and the company. This is a kind of a newsletter system. 

Message board translators 
If a translator has a problem about a certain term, he can easily add a question on the message board of translators. All translators in that language combination gets a notification for help’ 

Send receive files 
This is an option in case a translator has to send you something or if you have to send only to one translator something particulary. This is only used for special cases but is not used for sending translated files or proofread files. 

To do list 
The projectmanagers can put in special things for a certain project manager to do or not to forget. This improves the communication and exchange information between project managers. 

To keep track of the quality of your translation company, you can add complaints to this particular sheet. You can use it as a non conformity of your translation project. 

There is an overview of all clients in the system with address details, prices and special instructions. As soon as a project is created for this client, you get a popup notification in case a client has not paid his invoices or if there are special instructions for this client every time when you have a project to translate. 

Multiple translation departments 
If you have multiple offices and you cooperate with eachother then Tranwise is the perfect solution to have one tool at your hands for all offices. 
You can work together with the same translators and you can add different divisions to your tranwise. In this way wherever you are you have one overview of all offices at one hand. You can easily see which project is from which office but you can all use the same translators and proofreaders. 

Tranwise Customer Version 
We have created a special version for your customers. 
This is a version that your clients are connected to your Tranwise version. In this version the client directly can ask for a quote which shows directly into your Tranwise version. The client can chat with the project management team and can have the overview of all projects, files, invoices and status of your projects. Very handy program when you have daily work with your clients. 

Tranwise Sales version (ICPM) 
If you want to expand your office you can appoint sales managers. They can request for a quote which comes directly into your main version and you can calculate their provision based on the amount of words. In this way you keep control of your sales program and can expand by appointing In Country Project Managers for your company. The selection of the translators and deadline are done for total overview by the main project management team. 

Trados implementation 
We are currently working on the implementation of Trados in Tranwise. With this implementation you can easily analyse the files with one touch of a button, save memory for this client, show directly the last memory of this client when making a project and much much more. 

ISO Qualification 
This software is in the process of the ISO qualification. By the end of 2006 this Tranwise Software is ISO qualified which means that if your company start working with this software you have directly the tool to get your ISO qualification. 

System requirements 

Tranwise Server Requirements: 

– Windows XP Professional or Home Edition / Windows 2003 
– 2 GHz+ processor 
– 512 MB RAM (1 GB recommended) 
– 50 MB of available hard-disk space 
– hard-disk space for document uploading 
– MySQL Server 4.1.8 or later 
– SMTP server 
– fast internet connection 
– fixed IP address 

Tranwise Client Requirements: 

– Windows XP Professional or Home Edition / Windows 2003 
– 1 GHz+ processor 
– 256 MB RAM (512 recommended) 
– 10 MB of available hard-disk space 
– internet connection